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BCC admits students for the five distinct programs at the beginning of each school term.

BCC Acredited courses

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Crèche 6 Months – 2 years

Early years of a child’s life in school has a significant impact on the developmental stages of the young learner. Even though this stage is all but play and nothing else, the overriding truth is that, at BCC their kind of play is planned and coordinated. The kind of activity that is embedded with pragmatic educational inventories, from interacting with the child at the oral composition stage, through engaging the child’s motor skills to nurturing the child’s value set is what Crèche at BCC is all about. We believe that care and education are intertwined. Therefore attention to the baby’s social, emotional and physical welfare is our priority. For this reason our instructional space for the Crèche program caters for ten babies only, with one main teacher and a class assistant.

Pre-Kindergarten & Kindergarten 3years – 5years

The kindergarten program perfects the work that has already started at the Crèche level. Kindergarten education teaches the child to listen, to comport and how to respond to other children in their environment. Therefore BCC purposefully blends varied teaching avenues into the learning capabilities of the kindergarten child. We at BCC believe that the kindergarten experience is the time for the young learner to acquire learning skills, networking skills and cognitive competencies to achieve a given task. That is why every experience of a kindergarten child at BCC is tailored to suit how best the individual would benefit from the entire process.

Primary Year Program (PYP)

It has been extensively researched that when the foundation at the basic level is properly laid, transition to further studies is smooth and effective. Our primary year program introduces the learner to a structured curriculum which extends beyond reading, writing and arithmetic. BCC’s teaching methods engaged at the primary are to develop the creative thinking thought patterns of the basic learner. Therefore just as the Kindergarten stage, Primary Year Program builds up the formal curriculum, which has been introduced at the preschool level. At this very stage they are introduced to level specific instructional experience in Social Studies, English Language Arts, Mathematics, Applied Design and Technology, Career Education, French Immersion, Physical and Health Education, ICT and Art Education among other subjects. Students may register and take the Cambridge Primary Checkpoint at this stage.

Middle Year Program (MYP)

At BCC, Middle Year is the application period where learners are to engage knowledge acquired in the classroom over a period of learning. Middle school experience is time to actualize their thought patterns and come up with individualized opinions in presentation and in delivery. Middle school at BCC is for the learner to own the knowledge gained in every aspect of their academic and social lives. Students may register and take the Cambridge Lower Secondary Checkpoint at this stage.

High School Programs

• IGCSE (Grade 9 – 10)
• AS/A LEVEL (Grade 11 - 12)
• 1 / 2 years Ontario Secondary School Diploma OSSD (Grade 11 – 12)

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