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BCC currently admits students for the five distinct programs at the beginning of each school year which begins first week in September, a day after Labour Day and ends in June.

We have three terms namely:

  • › The Christmas Term: September – December
  • › The Easter Term: January- March/April
  • › The Summer Term: April – June.

However, in the case where a student considers a transfer from another school, BCC exercises the prerogative to admit so long as there is vacancy.

Admission Process

  • › Parents, guardians and individuals interested in having their children join our great family shall obtain an admission form at the front desk of the school or download from our website.
  • › The completed admission form should be submitted to the Admissions Manager.
  • › Sponsors (parents and guardians) shall endeavor to include the following documents to the completed admission form when submitting: medical form, vaccination record, terminal reports from previous school, transcript and copy of birth certificate/passport.
  • › The student in question will be scheduled for an assessment to identify strength and weakness for strategic placement and productive teaching/learning experience.
  • › Depending on a parent’s or a guardian’s schedule they shall be informed by a telephone call or through email the schedule for the assessment.
  • › A letter of admission shall be issued to parents of selected students after assessment and a deposit of tuition fee has been made.

Fees / Admission Form / Term Calendar

Info coming soon.